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6 Best Last-Minute Bourbon-Inspired Gifts

If you’ve waited too long to get Dad (or mom, or friend, or half-sibling you talk to twice a year) a gift, have no fear – Amazon Prime is here. Check out some of my favorite picks for these last minute finds.

a good candle to smell

I’m confident enough in my masculinity to admit that I’ve enjoyed several bourbon scented candles in my years. One of my favorites though is a Blanton’s Bourbon Warehouse Scent candle, which my wife can attest to, smells like you’re in a rick-house. Unfortunately, this favorite isn’t a Prime product. However, you can still get a Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon candle – complete with a scent that includes caramel, vanilla, and just a touch of seasoning from the barrels used to age bourbon.

a good book to read

When it comes to books, it’s hard to whittle the choices down to a single copy – so here are my two best choices. Bourbon Empire, written by Reid Mitenbuler and available in Kindle and hardcover, is an enchanting read, taking you on a history of the bourbon industry. From its humble beginnings as settlers first crossed the Appalachian Mountains, through the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897, Prohibition, the decline of the industry through the 1960’s & 1970’s, to today’s boom – you’ll learn the history of some of the greatest distillers, distilleries, and brands.

Bourbon Curious was one of my first forays into the bourbon industry. Written by bourbon aficionado and Louisville resident Fred Minnick, it is a great resource on the basics of bourbon as well as background on the major distillers, and flavor profiles of some major brands. This is a great starting point for diving into your bourbon journey.

One can never have enough glassware – especially if you’re like me and occasionally toss those ice balls in a little too vigorously. My wife knows I like to match the glass to the bourbon, so I tend to have a good assortment of distillery glassware. If you’re looking for a wild-card, it’s hard to go wrong with a Double Old Fashioned glass. It holds a hefty 11 oz, comes in a set great for entertaining, and has the perfect weight to hold in your hand as you’re swirling that amber spirit.

Another great addition to your glassware collection is a Glencairn Whiskey Glass. My daughter smuggled one home from a semester abroad. While I don’t always drink my bourbon neat, when I’m wanting to slowly explore a new offering or spend a few extra moments with an old friend, this is a great way to explore all the sights, smells, and tastes a good bourbon can offer.

Lastly, summertime and “patioville” beckon a glass that can take the heat and keep your bourbon neat (or cool!). A friend got me this YETI Rambler a couple years back and I love it when that summer heat comes. It holds 10 oz and a LARGE ice ball. While it states it will keep a drink cool for hours, I can’t prove that as my bourbon has never lasted that long.

a good mix to cook with

When it comes to cooking, my kitchen has a few go-to seasonings and sauces. Bourbon Smoked Chef’s Blend compliments any meat and fish, as well as vegetables and grits. If you can’t find that, their Bourbon Smoked Salt or Pepper can be an easy substitution.

For your favorite old-fashioned, quality bitters are critical. Woodford Reserve has an extensive line of bitters and cherries for your favorite cocktail.

a good piece to decorate with

Nothing adds more boujee-ness to your bar or bourbon display area than a barrel head. Whether it’s wall-mounted or used as a serving board or lazy-susan, this adds authenticity and reverence to your home.

One of my favorite gifts I received was a Blanton’s Bourbon Half-Barrel Head Stopper Display – with room enough for all eight unique Blanton’s stoppers, a bottle, and a pair of rocks glasses. While this particular one isn’t a Prime buy, you might be able to beg the Buffalo Trace Gift Shop to overnight it to you in time for your special day.

I confess that I got the idea from Etsy, but it’s super cool and even the decorating neophyte can pull this off. Grab your favorite pint of bourbon – mine was a standard Woodford Reserve Pint. Empty the contents and save for later (you don’t get to do this with the one from Etsy!). Rinse and refill the bottle with your favorite soap or lotion and add a soap pump to the top. Voila! Bourbon decorating at its best – and easiest!

Note: Amazon product links in this article are commission links.

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