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Wanting to show that bourbon-lover how much they’re loved? Surprise them with a gift that reflects not only your appreciation and affection but shows that you know the way to the heart of that special person is your life is often through America’s native spirit.


Well, YYYYEEESSS! Bourbon is always a welcome gift. But which one? While there are many to select from, here are some thoughts:

Anything with a horse: it’ll be Derby season before you know it. These are great finds!

Four Roses Small Batch: a heart-shaped decanter providing a crafted small-batch bourbon

Henry McKenna 10-Year BiB: a true sign of your love. This elusive find has received an armload of awards and sips smooth and sultry.


I’m a sucker for a great looking glass, and occasionally exhibit an idiosyncrasy insisting that the bourbon match the glass. While I often do my tastings in a Glencairn glass to concentrate the essences and flavors, one of my favorite glasses is one from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. It is the ultimate “trump card” and matches 95% of what you’re likely to pour (reflecting the fact that 95% of bourbon is made in Kentucky). Their retro rocks glass has ample room for a pour and an ice ball for your favorite spirit and can hold up to a large cocktail, as well.


If your favorite person enjoys bourbon on the move, whether hunting, at an equestrian event, or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors, provide them with an appropriate way to carry and serve America’s native spirit. Whether it’s a flask (I provided one to a buddy from his favorite distillery) or a rocks glass that will keep your drink cold for hours, it’s hard to go wrong with either of these thoughtful gifts.


It is Valentine’s Day, after all, so chocolate is always fashionable. If you’d like to add some extra caramel and vanilla notes to your gift, consider some Ruth Hunt Candies. For everyday consumption, her Blue Mondays are a welcome treat, but after some careful taste testing, I’m a huge fan of Woodford Reserve bourbon balls where they are proudly shared with visitors as they’re experiencing their bourbon tasting at the conclusion of the tour. Paired with your favorite bourbon, this is a heavenly concoction.

Make it an Experience

Speaking of tours, why not give the gift of an experience. Add some extra memories this Valentine’s Day. While you’ll be hard-pressed to secure a reservation for a tour during this Lover’s Weekend, a handwritten gift certificate assuring the recipient that there is a spot for two reserved on an upcoming date is a gift that provides a lifetime of memories.

If you’re looking for some ideas, here are some great tours to experience:

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