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Twelve months ago, I took a leap of faith. I’ve always loved writing and sharing folksy and whimsical tips, trivia, and knowledge. And, I’ve come to love America’s native spirit – the variety of smells, tastes, history and lore.

My trusty sidekick and daughter encouraged me to share my experiences, stating there may be others that would like to expand their palate and learn the stories behind what’s in their glass. Over the course of the year, we toured 5 new distilleries and revisited a couple of our favorites. We tasted countless bourbons and whiskeys – some good, some exceptional, and some – well – it may be for cooking purposes only. We enjoyed our trusted go-to’s as well as some new expressions that have reinvigorated the bourbon industry.

We celebrated the Bluegrass – home to 95% of the bourbon – with experiences ranging from the thrilling Spring Meet at Keeneland Racetrack to a quiet contemplative Chamber Music Concert in an old barn at Shaker Village, complete with the crescendo and timpani of a summer rainstorm. We’ve expanded our palate, enjoying cocktails and courses filled with rich, vanilla and oak overtones.

Best of all, we enjoyed it with friends and family. We enjoyed tastings and tales with old friends and explored new whiskeys that delighted and amazed. We sat around a fire and laughed, smiled, and reminiscence on days gone by.

As discussed in our review of Neat, bourbon is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. It’s never about the whiskey – it’s about the people and lives you touch. Bourbon can’t be rushed, and it parallels with a lifestyle we should all learn from. In the warehouses, it’s exposed to life’s sunny days and snowy days, heat and cold, and in the end, it’s really a beautiful thing. While other spirits can be quickly downed, bourbon, by its own nature, almost draws us to stop, breathe deeply, close our eyes, and slow down and enjoy what is truly important in life.

Reconnect with your native spirit.

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