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Douglas & Todd Small Batch

I've shared before that I truly appreciate when small distillers do things right - such as utilizing unique or heirloom mash bills or wait patiently for their product to age and not rush it to market. Douglas & Todd has taken those characteristics to heart with a uniquely Minnesotan bourbon.

Crafted by the Elements

Douglas & Todd draws its name from two counties in central Minnesota - Douglas and Todd.

Grains, sourced locally, provide a unique blend of ingredients reflective of the area's heritage, including strong "short-summer" corn and red winter wheat. Together, these impart a sweet, smoky, woody character.

The label shares that this bourbon is produced by Ed Phillips & Sons Co. of Princeton, Minnesota. Douglas and Todd was produced in partnership with the farm-to-bottle Panther Distillery in nearby Osakis. In addition to Douglas and Todd, Phillips also produces UV Vodka, Revel Stoke Whiskies, Casa Centinela Tequilas, Marca Negra Mezcals, La Hechicera Aged Rum, Tomatin Scotch Whiskies, Trader Vic's run, and Phillips liqueurs, brandy, schnapps, along with the legendary Snowshoe Grog.

The Tasting

The mash bill is undisclosed other than it uses wheat as opposed to rye for the secondary grain. On the label, we see that the finished product has aged for at least 4 years and is bottled at 93 proof.

Eye: Amber honey

Nose: Roasted grains. Corn fritters cooked over a campfire along with lighter grassy, almost scotch-like notes. Fruit is present with apple, peach, and pear.

Palate: Toasted oak, cornbread and pepper spice. There is a slight smokiness on the palate.

Finish: Medium and smooth with toasted oak and spice, ending in a dry finish.

Overall: This is a solid first release. I'd love to see how this bourbon evolves with a couple more warm summers and frigid upper Midwestern winters under its belt. At $30, I'm glad I picked up this bourbon at a regional grocery store in the Minneapolis area to sample one of the newest regional bourbons.

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