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Lucky Kentucky [Shamrock] Shake

It never feels like March until I treat myself to my annual Shamrock Shake. There’s only two downsides of this dessert: it’s only available in March and there’s no booze in it. No worries though, I fixed it. With a quick run to the liquor store for crème de menthe, and some rummaging through my fridge and freezer for the rest of the materials, I was guaranteed a boozy, minty, delicious treat.

Quick note about ice cream. Much like how not every barrel aged distilled spirit can call itself bourbon, not everything in the frozen dessert aisle is quite up to the moniker of ice cream. Things to avoid are “light ice cream,” “slow churned,” “double churned,” or worst – “frozen dairy dessert”. Using a real ice cream will ensure your final product has the right taste and consistency.


1 oz crème de menthe

1 oz bourbon cream (I used Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream)

½ oz bourbon (I used Heaven Hill Green Label)

2 cups vanilla ice cream


Combine crème de menthe, bourbon cream, and bourbon in that order. Add vanilla ice cream and blend to preferred consistency. If you want it thicker, add more ice cream. If you want a stronger bourbon taste you can add more to your preference, just keep in mind small amounts of liquid and alcohol can make the shake runny quickly.


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