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Old Williamsburg

I'm always intrigued to try new whiskeys and expand my palate. We were in the Bluegrass wandering through a cavernous regional liquor store when I noticed Old Williamsburg Bourbon Whiskey along with a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge. You caught my attention.

The Tasting

Old Williamsburg comes in a black-labeled bottle with a depiction of the Brooklyn Bridge. The label shares that "Old Williamsburg, a hamlet, was the county seat for the city of Brooklyn, late in the 19th century. The Mansions and breweries of Beer Barons lined the shores of the East River. Bourbon, hand distilled in private stills, bottled especially for the privileged, was the drink of choice."

It is labeled as "Kentucky Straight Bourbon", indicating it is a product of Kentucky and is at least 2 years of age (though the label indicates the finished product has been aged at least 3 years) and is bottled at 80 proof.

There is no indication of who the distiller is - only that it is bottled by Royal Liquors Co. of Scobeyville, NJ. A quick internet search didn't find much more information. To be honest, though, this method hearkens back to the early days of bourbons, when marketers would source whiskey, bottle it, and slap their own label and own story on the bottle. Let's see what's inside.

Eye: Honey and displaying thick, drippy legs in the glass.

Nose: Vanilla and brown sugar. Nothing spectacular or multi-dimensional, but I wouldn't expect anything complex from a younger, lower-proof entry-level bourbon.

Palate: Vanilla, browned butter and caramelized sugar, followed by toasted oak and light spice.

Finish: Short, with oak and light pepper spice.

Overall: This isn't going to be a bourbon to "knock your socks off"; though neither is it a diesel fuel additive. I was surprised to see legs in my glass and a positive, straightforward taste. This easy sipper left a good impression, albeit with a short finish. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. For $18, rewarded with a decent pour.

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