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Ruth Hunt Bourbon Balls

If you’ve toured a Kentucky distillery, chances are you were served a bourbon ball from a small list of manufacturers – Ruth Hunt Candies and Rebecca Ruth. Ruth Hunt manufactures Blue Mondays (absolutely incredible), her signature bourbon ball, and a specialty line for Woodford Reserve (where we have enjoyed them heartily!). Makers Mark and Buffalo Trace source their bourbon balls from Rebecca Ruth.

Simple Roots

The Ruth Hunt Candy Company traces its roots to the kitchen of Ruth Tharpe Hunt in her Mt. Sterling, Kentucky home. Following accolades for her bridge club sweets, in 1921, she started a small candy business. Still located in Mt. Sterling, along with a store in Lexington, KY, Ruth Hunt Candies are a Kentucky staple.

I’ve had the opportunity to sample candies from both Ruth Hunt and Rebecca Ruth, and hands down, it’s Ruth Hunt Bourbon Balls for the win! You’ll find her products as well as a signature line of Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls (including a mint julep version!)  online at the Ruth Hunt site, the Woodford Reserve Gift Shop, and from several retailers on Amazon.

The Tasting

If you’re not familiar with a bourbon ball, here’s a quick rundown: a creamy nougat-y marshmallow-y center made with real cream, butter, and of course bourbon, dipped in rich chocolate and topped with a picture-perfect pecan. While suitable for tossing back in a single bite (much like a shot of bourbon), these are best enjoyed in two or three bites so you can savor every note. 

Color: Creamy milk chocolate with a pecan that’s very … pecanish in color.

Nose: Notes of chocolate, nuttiness, and a trace of vanilla.

Palate: Deliciously chocolate and exquisitely rich, with a decadent creamy mouthfeel.  Wow! These are so good!

Finish: Yep there it is! A gentle note of vanilla, caramel and oak that is distinctively bourbon.

Looking for a great pairing? Match a Ruth Hunt Bourbon Ball with a bourbon carrying rich chocolate and vanilla notes, such as Woodford Reserve Double Oaked or Old Forester 1910.

Make everyday a spirited one!

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